Sister Hawk Poetry

by Beth Farrell

Untitled. April 26, 2011

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Synchronous dance
Interplay with other
Falling in this dance
Embracing humanity
Like a lover met in a silent gallery
We are all art
Crafted in love
And graceful strokes…


March.2010 February 7, 2011

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wonder where you’ll go tonight
empty commuter rail crosses our paths
facing a truth, that rumbles through you/me
and you wish you could get on,
ride to the other side
finding heaven’s light in your soul
otherwise I wouldn’t be standing here
cold in March air,
black sky, power line lit
ocean throwing wind like some sort of reminder of the uncertainty of life, love, and
where we are going next.



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two bhikkus met on a path
the same path
in a forest
looking for a home
finding no home
but where they were
crossing drawbridge
meeting others
wondering in the smile of a river
what it would be like to fly
to soar with newly grown wings
in majesty
in the majesty of starting.


Ironing 1-Year Later February 1, 2011

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Stopped cycle
Joy found
creases fade, smooth, crisp, perfect-almost
he didn’t ever let me iron his shirts
make them crisp
with starch, steam, and heat
he didn’t let me wash his clothes
in Tide-with spring flowers
washed with light blue cotton skies
I waited while he closed the dryer drawer
silently every time
to the joy of a small ritual
to the joy of taking care
thank you for letting me iron your shirts.


Reiki love October 26, 2010

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Let it flow

It’s current, we share

In this healing space,

where hawk and white owl open their wings

to a river of light….




Wind Lover August 12, 2010

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The wind your lover
casting you in its arms
full of white elephants dancing
into an unknown surrender
of time that has lost its spell
convention torn apart
like sails in a storm
where you settle into the universe’s jet stream gliding off angels landing not afraid to let go…


Stargazing July 12, 2010

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Milky Way sits in Buddha’s Belly

light expanding in each laugh

spreading out into starlight awakenings…